ALCACER VINTAGE Lisbon Region (Alentejo), Portugal

Wine & Farming Concept

Rooted in the regions’ characteristic winemaking tradition, it combines the beauty of the vine landscape and the pleasure of gardening, with outstanding oenology and gastronomy. The main anchor of the retreat is a Winery Building, which offers property owners the possibility of harvesting and vinifying their own grapes, from barrel ageing to bottling, assisted by a leading Portuguese oenologist, and associated to outstanding Winemaker José da Mota Capitão.

This main building also functions as a clubhouse for guests and visitors offering bar-bistro, wine & gourmet shop, library-lounge, meeting rooms and fitness centre. Additionally, a Spa with an indoor pool is connected to the outside by a stunning organic pool overlooking a fresh water lake.

In addition to winemaking, the retreat offers Eco-Farming and Gardening hosted by Bio-farmer José Arantes. Long-stay residential tourists can enjoy gardening and farming in the inner gardens surrounding individual plots — in their absence kept and harvested by ALCACER VINTAGE.

Entertainment Farming includes a variety of organic vegetables, cereals, flowers, trees, aromatic vegetables and mushrooms. In general, crops cultivated vary according to the area, influenced by culture and tradition. Given the nature of residential tourism, short-cycle crops are preferred, but longer cycle species, like orchards can also be cultivated.

Barrel Ageing
Maitre Sommelier
Outdoor Pool
Wine Ageing
Wine Tasting
Yoga/ Tai-chi