ALCACER VINTAGE Lisbon Region (Alentejo), Portugal

Farming Concept:
José Arantes Pedroso

José Arantes will be Farming & Gardening Coordinator at the ALCACER VINTAGE, offering teaching and advisory services, in addition to farming maintenance programmes.

A former ballet dancer, actor and singer with the New York Joffrey Ballet and The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater School, and assistant to leading Broadway choreographer Ron Forella, José Arantes also worked in Television, Cinema and Live Entertainment, before he became a farmer in 2002.

In the following years, between Portugal and Brazil, José studied and researched Biological Farming, Permaculture and Biodynamic Agriculture, including an internship under Prof.Dr.-Ing. Frank Adams at Luxembourg’s Bio-Agriculture Research Centre. In 2006, he founded Horta do Zé (, which runs a unique vegetable farm in the neighbouring Porches estate, in addition to a series of pedagogic programmes with local schools and leisure activities such as Permaculture and Gardening courses.

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José Arantes Pedroso