ALCACER VINTAGE Lisbon Region (Alentejo), Portugal

Wine Concept:
Mota Capitão / Portocarro

For and on behalf of ALCACER VINTAGE, Mota Capitão will host and manage the vineyard production and the winery services.

Owned and operated by the hospitable winemaker José da Mota Capitão, the nearby Herdade de Portocarro is a small estate of the Sado Region, making exciting wines at the highest level. Mota Capitão's ambition has always been to produce a cult and niche wine; one that could set itself as an insignia and benchmark for the region, positioned nationwide in the top wine elite. José, —who runs everything himself— has planted 15 hectares of vines taking advantage of Atlantic Alentejo’s micro-climate uniqueness.

He produces only three red wines and in very small quantities. The wine Herdade do Portocarro is mainly made from Aragonez, Alfrocheiro and Cabernet Sauvignon. Secondly, Anima, which in Latin means “spirit” or “soul”, is made from the Italian Sangiovese grapes. Last, but not least, Cavalo Maluco, which translates literally as "Crazy Horse", is made chiefly from Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca.

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